Tuesday, August 31, 2010

EWI USB Aria and Arturia Brass installation

First I installed the Aria software, which includes the driver for the device (or vice versa).
The installation went smoothly, with no problems, though there were some oddities.

I received my EWI USB

I ordered the EWI USB - Arturia Brass bundle, as from the audio demos I knew that the included Garritan sounds are not perfect for live performance use.

It came in a nice box. I recently realized that how important nice packaging is (and nice user interface etc.) for creative work. You'll want inspiration, and not a regular, dull view.

So what's in the box:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I learn to play the EWI

I decided to learn to play the Akai EWI, the Electronic Wind Instrument.
I have some experience with the oboe, but since years I've been playing mostly the piano (classical and jazz) and recorder (blockflöte), and the Hungarian whistle used in folk (and world) music.
This blog is about my experiences I gather, the lessons I learn during the process.