Friday, September 3, 2010

First (musical) steps with EWI USB

I started to practice the EWI USB.

Before I bought the instrument I checked the manual, and was concerned about what fingering system to choose. Years before I played the oboe, but nowadays the recorder is my main instrument, so I ended up choosing the default EWI fingering. I was only curious because the sax fingerings showed more fingering variations for some notes.

But after trying the instrument myself I soon found that there is a lot of variation possibility in the fingering of the EWI default, which actually can make practicing and finding the optimal fingering harder. My decision currently is to use the most standard fingering if possible, and use the closest variation if the melody or speed doesn't allow the standard.

For the first excersises I started to learn a "Flute music for beginners" book, and Zoltán Kodály's Epigrams. The latter is very nice music and very good for practicing, I like it much.

After practice I tried the cleaning cloth, with didn't clean at all, so I switched to a microfiber cloth I use for my eyeglasses. Much better.

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