Friday, November 19, 2010

"Garritan Jazz and Big Band 3" and Wivi comparison

I'm afraid the Wallander Band is not as good as it appears. I checked only the Wivi trial version and found that the saxes, the flute and the clarinet are very musical, and expressive, but I don't find them realistic for solo work.

In my opinion Garritan Jazz and Big Band is superior for the jazz instruments, or at least a better buy :). Just looking at the 2 saxes in the Wivi trial (Tenor and Alto) I created a small comparison. You can listen to that at 

Wivi tenor, Garritan tenor, Wivi alto, Garritan alto. Note that I'm totally beginner in jazz wind istrument playing, so sorry about the music quality. I used standard settings, no EQ, and played with an EWI USB.

So with Garritan JABB you get some 60 instruments (including very good keyboards, vibe, basses, drum sets) for the same price, and most of them are very good. Turning on some airflow noise and key clicks, for some instruments you get very applicable results for live solo work.

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