Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Double time signature in MuseScore

There is some music where you want the time signature is alternating, for example 4/4 in every odd measure and 2/4 in every even measure.
In that case we usually would like to show the following time signature:
There is no native support in MuseScore for that, but easily can emulate that.

Let's start with a simple single time signature:

The music is already set up correctly using the "actual measure duration" property of the 2/4 measures. Now we need to create some extra space before the first note, by adding extra leading space:
Now we can simply drag&drop the 2 and the 4 from the symbol toolbar, doing small position adjustments with the mouse or with Ctrl+arrow key:
And then we have the nice double time signature. A real life example is present on my site (a traditional Hungarian folk song):
Rákóci kocsmábo by Bertalan Fodor

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